Regional Climate Scientist
Visualization of Storm Gloria
In January 2020, Storm Gloria hit the Western Mediterranean breaking a set of rainfall, snow, lightning and wind speed records. This visualisation helps understand the dynamics of the episode.
Visualizing the recent weather in Spain
After the project, this is the natural extension where it is possible to check the recent weather for all available stations through AEMET OpenData system
Is this a Climate extreme?
In the last few weeks I've been working on a project to better communicate climate science. Inspired by the amazing work done by Mat Lipson, Steefan Contractor and James Goldie, I've made a tool to check if today is a climate extreme in multiple Spanish cities.
A World of Evidence
Last Saturday I had the opportunity to talk about climate change evidence at TEDxULoyolaAndalucia
Simulating Hector Storm in Tiwi Islands
Hector is a storm that regularly forms in the Tiwi Islands (Australia) during the wet season. So often that it has earned its own name. Hector realism in models is a great way of testing their ability to represent tropical convection.
Convection in the Maritime Continent
Convection in the Maritime Continent has large implications both regionally and globally. It is the main rainfall-generating mechanism in the region and also injects moisture and energy into the upper levels of the atmosphere
Urban expansion under climate change condition
Cities are usually warmer than rural counterparts. This effect is known as the urban heat island and it has many implications in a world where climate is changing and population is steadily increasing.